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Citrus is located on the main entrance in to Ojochal. Take the first left before the bridge. Signs are well marked.

citrus bar

The bar area at Citrus

citrus 3

Dinner at Citrus provides an elegant way to finish off a great day's outdoor activities.


exotica 1

Small and elegant in a truly jungle environment, Exotica remains the gold standard for area restaurants. Reservations are necessary and any one week vacation will include at least one, if not two, trips to Exotica.

exotica lucy

Lucy providing her always smiling, always attentive service at Exotica. She and her husband are wonderful people. Lucy is fluent in french, spanish and english.

Twisted Toucan

twisted toucan 1

Directly at the bottom of the Cinco Ventanas entrance in the Ventanas strip center (with Liqour Feliz, the Supermercardo and the gas station) sits our newest entry. The Twisted Toucan is a lively bar with good food, drinks, casual atmosphere and most importantly, digital sports TV!

twisted inside

Casual and friendly, with pool tables and foosball, the Toucan provides a great spot for a beer or DELICIOUS grilled mahi sandwich after a morning or afternoon at the beach. Come as you are for a refresher prior to the 5 minute drive up the mountain to Casa de Ventanas.

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