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Fishing and Marine Life from Aldea del Rio Fishing, Sierpe

Aldea del Rio, located in Sierpe, a 40 minute drive from Casa de Ventanas, and a 20 minute drive from Palmar Sur Airstrip operates an outstanding fishing operation.  Although typical trips are for offshore fishing, with a boat hired from them, they will accomodate any use desired by the client.  Our clients have enjoyed outstanding fishing trips and Corcovado National Park excursions with Aldea del Rio.  Their captains are well qualified, and we have used them with great results (see photos below from the "off season" of 2008!) Let them know you are a guest of Casa de Ventanas and Randy and Jay will make sure you are well taken care of in your offshore explorations.


A nice 45 lb wahoo, one of two taken that day


A pargo snapper taken on the same trip


Flaco brings another dorado aboard


Although the "off season" consisted of trips closer to shore (Cano Island in background is 14 miles offshore, and well offshore from this picture), the yellow fin tuna were caught with consistency each trip out.

whale shots

Although summer in North America is the "off season" for fishing, it is the birthing season for the Humpback whales. These shots were taken during summer 2008 on fishing trips. It is a bit difficult to handle screaming reels while the whales are surrounding you!

whales 2

A mother and calf humpback 10 meters from fishing boat absolutely unbothered by us.

sierpe river

The offshore trip from Sierpe is up the Sierpe River to the Pacific Ocean. It is an extremely important ecosystem and an enjoyable 30 minute excursion. 

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