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Trapp Family Inn

The Trapp Family Inn suggests that you go to the glass taxi window just beyond where your luggage comes off the screening belt leaving the secure area of the airport.  There you can pay for the orange taxis and instruct them to take you to the Trapp Family Inn 1km from the airport.  They should provide you with a $3 ticket for an orange taxi outside to take you to the Inn. Once there, the Inn will pay for the taxi fare.  The following morning the Inn will prepay the taxi to return you to the Sansa terminal at the International Airport for your flight to Palmar Sur should you be flying down to Casa de Ventanas.

The cash rate for a double room booked directly through Trapp Family Inn is $88 single or double and $15 for an extra person in the room. Breakfast the next morning is included.

Entrance to Trapp Family Inn

 trapp entrance

Pool at Trapp Family Inn


Dining area at Trapp Family Inn

trapp dining area

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