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Given the completion of the Caldera Tollway to the Pacific Coast and the long awaited completion of the Southern Coastal Highway from Quepos to Dominical, Ojochal is now 4 hours south of San Jose via the Coastal route.

From San Jose Airport via  4x4 car the route is to head west from the airport through via the Caldera Tollway to Orotina and down to the pacific coast at Jaco through Tarcoles.  This route avoids San Jose and the drive over the mountains.   This route will lead you from Jaco to Quepos/Manuel Antonio and south to Dominical and on to Uvita and finally Ojochal.  As a result of the improvements taking place on the coastal route and the ability to avoid San Jose traffic, this is the preferred driving route.

For travellers taking the coastal route wishing to break up the 4 hour drive, we have stayed with Christine and Michael at "Surf Inn Hermosa" and really enjoyed our stay. Playa Hermosa is 5 km south of Jaco and the Surf Inn is a gorgeous beachfront hotel.  Their property is a wonderful overnight visit.  Please let them know that you are staying at Casa de Ventanas and they will make sure you have a wonderful stay. Feel free to email Christina and let her know your plans. Given the distance from the airport and with the safety of our guests in mind, we require that our guests' flights be scheduled to arrive prior to 1 pm for same day check in at Casa de Ventanas.  
An alternative to the 4 hour drive is to fly Nature Air or Sansa from San Jose to the air strip at Palmar Sur. Those flights depart every morning around 9:30 am and it is a very scenic flight. Round trip airfare is approximately $240. From there it is a 25 minute drive to Casa de Ventanas.  Sansa flies from Juan Santamaria International airport (your arrival airport) and is more "hassle free".  Nature Air flies from an airport that is a 20- 30 minute cab ride from the International Airport.   The air service is very reliable, reasonably priced and the car rental folks in Palmar Sur have NEVER let us or our clients down.  From Palmar Sur to Ojochal is a great road and under 30 minute drive.  Typical arrangements would be to fly in to San Jose one evening, spend the night and take the morning flight out to Palmar Sur the next day. However, given the completion of the Tollway to the pacific and the completion of the coastal highway, driving is clearly the preferred choice now.  To assist you in locating Casa de Ventanas and the nearby villages of Ojochal, Uvita and Dominical, you can follow this link for "Google Earth" maps of the area. 

Solid Rent a Car can arrange to have a 4x4 ready for you upon arrival should you elect to fly to Palmar Sur. Advance reservations would be required.  They will meet you at the airstrip with your car, both upon arrival and prior to your return flight to San Jose.  Please note that due to the gravel driveway at the house as well as the beaches and roads of the area 4WD VEHICLES ONLY should be rented for your stay. They are routinely available with minimal price differences. 

If staying over in San Jose to fly out the next morning on Sansa or Nature Air (Sansa flies out of the same airport as your international arrival; Nature Air does not), we recommend Hotel Aeropuerto and the Trapp Family InnHere are photos of the lobby and dining area of Hotel Aeropuerto. It is comfortable, air conditioned, inexpensive and the staff is extremely friendly. Simply get a cab from the airport. The hotel will pay the cab fare when you arrive and the next morning on your return for the Sansa flight to Palmar Sur. Similarly, Trapp Family Inn will likewise reimburse you for your transportation to and from the International Airport. To make reservations at the Trapp Family Inn, email Karin Trapp.

The map above of the village of Ojochal indicates the proximity of Cinco Ventanas to the village of Ojochal. 


For dinner, we highly recommend  Exotica. It is shown on the map above.  However, reservations are required for dinner at Exotica. Please call 506 2786-5050 or email Lucy and Bob and let them know you are Jay's guests.  You can expect not only great food and excellent service but a warm, friendly greeting from Lucy. 

Similarly, we highly recommend  Citrus which is located just inside the entrance to Ojochal from the Coastal Highway.  Paris born Sylvain and his lovely wife  Marcella Fillion have created a premier full service restaurant in the heart of Ojochal. This restaurant is not to be missed! Citrus clearly warrants at least two dining experiences during your stay.  They maintain completely different menus for lunch and dinner.  For a review of their fine restaurant, please click here.  You may also call 506 2786-5175 or email Sylvain  for dinner reservations. Please let them know that you are guests of Casa de Ventanas.

As Ojochal continues to evolve as a culinary center of Costa Rica, a new restaurant has emerged. Ylang Ylang with its spectacular view and ambience has created authentic Indonesian cuisine. Hans and Caroline are Dutch, but Caroline was raised in Indonesia and has brought completely authentic Indonesian cuisine to our little village.  As expatriates from around the globe discover our little slice of paradise, they inevitably bring with them their cuisine and love of food.  You may call Hans and Caroline at 506 2786 5054 for reservations or email them.  As with all of our restaurants and activities, each phone number is embedded in our "contacts" on our SKYPE phone at the house. Finally, last but certainly not least, is the latest culinary additions to our wonderful village are both Italian Restaurants. "Mama y Papa" has opened to rave reviews on its Italian cuisine. Enzo is a native of Italia and has brought his recipes with him. He and his lovely Tica wife have made the restaurant another gem in our culinary village. Do not miss the chance to meet them and enjoy some excellent Italian cuisine. The entrance to their restaurant is well marked on the way in to Ojochal. 
You may also follow this link to other restaurants in Ojochal.  If you do not mind the short drive towards Dominical, we highly recommend two restaurants located across the highway from each other just south of Dominical.  La Parcela  just south of Dominical has incredible ocean views and makes a great spot for sunset drinks.  La Macha, is a "tico" restaurant that serves outstanding fresh caught fish at very inexpensive prices.  Each of these restaurants deserves your patronage. Another spot worthy of your patronage, immediatly south of the bridge in Uvita, 200 meters off the coastal highway towards the beach is "La Fogata".  It serves excellent bbq chicken and pizzas. Very unassuming and casual, it is a great spot for lunch after a morning at the beach at Playa Hermosa, or on your way back to Ojochal from Uvita or Dominical.  Another great pizza spot in the village of Ojochal is El Jardin de TortugaAlthough a german owned restaurant, they serve outstanding traditional italian pizzas.

For ceviche lovers, do not miss the stand on the side of the road heading north from Ojochal. The fried fish and the ceviche is outstanding.

In addition to the restaurants, there is a liquor store in the Cinco Ventanas strip center at the entrance to Cinco Ventanas. There is also a new supermarket, "B M", as well as a bank (BCR) in Uvita.  If interested in bbq at the house, we suggest purchasing your meat and poultry at the B M in Uvita. For purchases of fresh fish, there are several vendors in the area.  We have always been pleased with the small fish counter next to "La Macha" restaurant near Dominical (across the highway from "La Parcela").  Similarly, you can find a fisherman on the road in to La Parcela to the right on the beach before you head up the hill to La Parcela.  We have also included some information and a link to an informational website as well as an interactive map that you can browse to learn more about Ojochal and southern Costa Rica.

For reservations for all local activities, we would recommend that you contact our property manager Sonya to arrange day trips for you. She will be happy to assist you with arranging day trips from kayaking to zip lining in the jungle.  If you are flying in to Palmar Sur, there are supermarkets in Palmar Norte (directly over the bridge from Palmar Sur) for your convenience.


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